Welcome to my new blog site.

On this site i will be looking at how the media, both print and online look at stories about Atheism, Religion and  Politics that as well as my observations and comments. I will be (trying) to commenting on the coverage. I will also put up posts from both sides of the argument. To quote Foxnews, i will be “fair and balanced” to both sides.

I will be allowing comments about the posts and the links, however i will be moderating these and will not tolerate vitriol from either side.

I should disclose that i am an anti-theist. this does not mean that i hate and want to ban Religion. I believe that everyone has the right to  choose their own system of thought. However they should be old enough to understand the meaning and consequence of what they choose to “believe” in.

My parent had two different Religions, my father was a Protestant and my mother Catholic. They however never forced their beliefs on me, they allowed me to find my own way. Both explained their beliefs to me , but never forced it on me.

At the time i was growing up in the West of Scotland in the 70’s and 80’s schools were segregated. You had to go to either a Catholic or a Protestant School. I went to a Protestant School while my best friend and neighbor had to go to a Catholic School. We could never fully understand this and this helped us to better understand that there was more than one answer to a question.


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