Cancer Guilt

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As i cancer sufferer who recieved world class treatment this article rings true with me.


Homeopathy Explained

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Great vid about what homeopathy really is and what it does.

I know i am slanted against Homeopathy, but until i see medical proff that proves it works i will keep my point of view.

Stephen Hawkins

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He is such an amazing man. To go through what he has been through and then become a genius is unbelievable.

Here is his latest Theory. Make your own mind up.

Baloney Detection

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Everybody should watch this and learn from it.

So it begins

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It doesn’t take long or much for suspicion to be blamed on “dark skinned” people.

Maybe it was Islamic people maybe it wasn’t, but please wait until all the facts are in. The same problem occurred when Ander Brevik did his act of terror in Norway. The media called it a terror act until it was discovered that it was a home grown terrorist. And then it went from Islamic terror attack to “Lone Nut”.

Not fair in my opinion, all acts of violence against fellow human beings are acts of terror and should be treated as such.

Why should a whole religion or race be tarred with the terror act when they are Muslim or Islamic, but Timothy McVey and others like him are labeled as Lone Nuts when they are proven to be part of larger groups, such as white supremacist and other factions in these countries.

Anyway here is a story from USA asbout people being targeted because of race or religion.

MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield

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This man makes me so angry.

First of all he starts a scare about MMR jabs giving children Autism (which was later discredited) which lead to many parents NOT getting their children immunized, now that kids are getting sick he trys to blame the government.

No wonder he was kick out of medicine.


Article here.

Christian airport worker vows to take Muslim bullying case to Luxembourg after being granted right to appeal against sacking

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Interesting story this. If it’s right, it is wrong that the airport is scared of being labeled as racist when dealing with people.

If you work somewhere you should carry out your normal duties, not engage in outside activities.

However they should be free on their free time (breaks, lunch and so on) to be able to discuss whatever they want as long as it doesn’t offend others. This if course leads to – what is offensive to an individual- which is a quagmire to figure out in today’s politically correct world. That is why a lot of workplaces ban religious talk at work as people get WAY too upset if something is not the way they choose to see it.

Anyway here is a link to the article.

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