Psychic fakery

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Read this article and tell me these type of people are not the worst of humanity.

How dare they say the things they say and then when found out ot be wrong they seem to get a free pass.

This woman caused pain and anguish for a family but it’s a sure bet she will be on TV again at sometime in the future sprouting her lies and deceptions. Shame on anybody who supports these fakers that prey¬† on emotionally vulnerable people.

Read the article here


Green or not Green

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Today it was announced that Tesla motors had posted a profit for the first time in it’s 10 year history. Good news i think for the future of green tech.

However the story has been reported in two completely different ways.

On the BBc site quite positive

However on the Foxnation site, a site i must admit is totally anti environmental they repoted it this way

You think they would be happy at a company making profits and creating jobs but i guess they are Green with envy so to spaek.

Anyway please read both and decide for yourself.


Life after death

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Very good talk by Micheal Shermer.

Well worth a look.

Climate Debate

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Climate change is the hot potato debate of modern times. With “both” sides being very vocal on their point of view.

As a Biology graduate who studied in the late 80’s , climate change was new and exciting. But i learned that there was two sides to the argument.

One was was that it was all man made, this didn’t sit right with me so i investigated further and found out that there was acycle of warming during the history of the Earth.

Using both these fields i came to the conclusion that, yes man made change is responsible for a lot of damage, the earth also had a part to play in the equation. So in my opinion there is good evidence for both, but man made change has certainly impacteded on the natural cycle.

Anyway here is an interesting article from the Skeptic magazine. See what you think


Guns don’t kill, people do.

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How does that even try to fit this story. Why would anybody buy a lethal wepon for a five year old and then let it stand in the corner.

Some parents stagger belief. Got to feel sorry for them, but should have be easily avoided.

By the way love the name the company gives the gun on it’s advertising.


Read the article here

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