Live And Let Die

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What Would You Do

Disclaimer – As a cancer sufferer i have strong views on this subject which i am not going to share here as its my choice, my familly and friends know where i stand on this and know my wishes.

This is really going to put the cat among the pigeons.  Looking at the comments posted on this story in various media outlets shows you how far apart both sides are on this. Ultimately unless you are the one in pain you will never know how it feels and how you think in a situation that could lead to this kind of decision.

I have posted the link to the story on this from The Daily Mail but I’m sure you can find your own regional story about this.

All i ask is you read it all the way before jumping to conclusions on it.

you can read the Daily Mail article here.




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This article is scary. A major us supermarket chain stocking a homeopathic medicine for asthma. This stuff could kill somebody. Wonder if supermarkerets here in Denmark do the same. I will be checking this out next week when i tour several asking them what homeopathic medicine s they stock. Should be interesting.

Anyway check out the story here and if you feel the same way i do, please sign the petition.


New Year Same Old Nonsense.

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Wait and see

I am so looking forward to this press conference, but I’m not holding my breath that wysiwyg.

Hands up those who really believe that this guy with his previous history really managed to catch Bigfood. Mind you it could always be true. Time and evidence will tell us.

Big Foot finally caught – wait and see.

And still it happens

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This Has To Stop

Once again “Holistic” medicine rears its ugly head due to selfish adults who don’t deserve to be a parent.
It really makes my blood boil as this keeps happening in the so called greatest country in the world or anywhere else for that matter.


The Bible Covers Everthing!!!!!!

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God Did It

You have to admire someone who believe with such total conviction, but want scientist to keep giving more and more evidence all the time,in their beliefs and concepts, but a Devils Advocate like my self thinks this guy is WAY too much.
You sometime wish you could sit down with these kind of people and see close hand how they deal with proper scientific evidence.

Anyway enjoy.

WATCH: Creationist Makes Silly Claim About Dragons via @HuffingtonPost


Where’s the evidence

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Belief or Facts

Just what “evidence” do they have to back this up. I recommend reading the comments feed for this story, there are some great posts.

Piece Of Jesus’ Cross Found? via @HuffingtonPost

Religious freedom

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One rule for me another for you.

Is this right or wrong. Yes he knew the rules, but as the quote in the article says

would they fire someone who gets divorced

I’ve always felt uneasy about the defence of ” religious freedom “. Why then can’t a company not be allowed to hire who they want. Imagine the following on job descriptions.

    No Jews
    No Blacks
    Peadophiles only

And so on. There would of course be an outcry against it, but WHY. You can’t let some groups have a free pass for some and not for others.

Anyway read the story and see for your self.

Gay Man Fired After Marrying His Partner via @HuffingtonPost

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